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How to turn your regular Jeans/Pants into Skinnie Slim Jeans/Pants August 2, 2007

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Why pay for your skinnies?? I taught myself to alter and taper them to make all of my regular pants & jeans into skinnies<3 ….Hey it doesn’t take caliber ya know… can be worn by girls/ guys *unisex…WEll, i got the idea from American Apparel!! Whoa I’m getting a lot of views cool****it can save you a lot of bucks!!


This is my version:

DIRECTIONS: click here *** first turn the pants inside out


*Click on the thumbnails to see details!

Pic#1 Just a cheap 25 dollar regular boot cut (on the other half leg)**1st measure it and make a mark w/ white pencil I prefer you measure your calves, knees & thighs with a measuring tape and guess how slim it’s gonna be and make a mark

Pic#2 Tapering/pre sewing* 2nd, cut tapered area w/ zig scissors then sew sides with serger or sewing machine.

Pic#3 If too long, cut off the bottom! 3rd sew the ends if cut& cut the sides where you tapered them …. im short that’s y ….If you have a serger that will be nice or just sew the sides where you cut them. you should doubble stitch it so that the fabric won’t fringe.

Pic#4 YAY finished<3

Pic#5 exapmle


1.) Don’t use bright colored string to sew your pants, choose a string color that matches your pants!!

 2.) Don’t sew your pants or jeans too tight!!

Have you given up??? or any idea?? comments plez or get it at any American App. for like 40 bucks…



One Response to “How to turn your regular Jeans/Pants into Skinnie Slim Jeans/Pants”

  1. johnny Says:

    Those yellow jeans are pimp.

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